What Do Investors Want?

Going deeper into what do investors want to see, their expectations and what you can expect as a project founder.

The Perfect Package – Submissions to Venture Capital Funds

Recently I was asked to speak in a community of about 70 business owners to give them an introductory explanation about the Venture Capital world and I called it “Venture Capital 101 in Simple Terms. In order to make it easy and entertaining for them, I put together a Powerpoint Slide show with lots of […]

Solutions Leading To WIN-WIN

Let us define first what is considered a “WIN-WIN”: Dictionary.com: advantageous to both sides British Dictionary: guaranteeing a favourable outcome for everyone involved When you are doing business, it is always good to create a WIN-WIN situation. Both parties will benefit from it and it is a favourable outcome for the contracting parties. When dealing […]

Looking Out For The Fruit

Mat 3:23 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.” So if you consider that we ourselves are like trees, who are recognized by our fruit – what does your fruit look like, what […]

What’s New in 2015?

Wolfgang Kovacek is providing services in the venture capital, private equity, finance arena and is a business consultant, business mentor, entrepreneur, financial facilitator, manager, former web communication executive, film producer and director. Wolfgang finds great joy in assisting entrepreneurs who want to see their dreams fulfilled. He is active in the private equity and growth […]

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Technically, venture capital is just a subset of private equity. They both invest in companies, they both recruit former bankers, and they both make money from investments rather than advisory fees. But if you take a look beneath the surface, you’ll see that they’re significantly different. Definitions Technically, the term “private equity” refers to money […]