Bill ONCE and you are done…

Bill Once and you are done… Transworld Systems New Flyer Is billing your customers more than once, just to get them to pay, what they already owe you, exhausting? Transworld Systems Accelerator is a revolutionary service designed to get you paid quicker while reducing the time and money you spend chasing customers. A new updated […]

TOP 10 Industries that Transworld Systems is Successfully Collecting for…

The Top 10 industries where: 1.Transworld Systems gets the most recovered per account placed (unit yield) and 2.Industries in which we get the highest recovery rate and 3.Industries in which we’ have the most revenue. Combine these three factors into a unique POWER ranking and you have the top 10 industries for which we are […]

What in the heck is ICD-10 and what do I have to do about it?

About ICD-10 Unless you are in a profession where you are are reporting a medical diagnosis or an inpatient procedure, you will not be affected by ICD-10. If you are a doctor and this information is for you, which means you are covered by HIPAA, please listen up and be informed: On October 1, 2014, […]

Transworld Systems Ex District Manager meets Wolfgang

At David Fagan’s Icon Business Development Seminar Wolfgang Kovacek, representing Transworld Systems, meets Layla Anderson, currently President of Platinum Dreams Real Estate & Finance in  Valencia, who was a former Transworld Systems District Manager. To contact Wolfgang for help with recovering debts click here.  

Transworld Systems Technology Solutions

I wanted to make you aware of all of the software interfaces that Transworld Systems offers: · Advantx · Allscripts · Athena Collector · Avimark · Cornerstone · Denticon · EClinicalWorks · Etactics · Ethomas and Dthomas · Freshbooks · Glenwood · Greenway Prime Suites · LeonardoMD · MacPractice · MD Synergy · MDEverywhere · […]

Ask Wolfgang – He meets with Jim Palmer – The Newsletter Guru

Jim Palmer said: “Customer Retention Made Easy” and he elaborated “The key to building great relationships and retaining customers is incredibly simple: Over-the-top customer service! In order for your customers to love you, you have to love them first. If your customers are not the most important part of your business, you’re missing the only […]

New Usage Reports from Transworld Systems Even Convince Staunchest Doubters

Very recent Usage Reports from seven different key market segments show amazing results that Transworld Systems is celebrating. No wonder, that this company is #1 in the Collections Industry with hardly any competition out there. When comparing apples with apples everyone else falls short. So take a look at these amazing reports which show how […]


Once in a while, I get into that pensive mood and I sigh and take a deep breath and relax and start reading. The medium on what or in which does not really matter, yesterday it was a magazine that I had picked up in a diner, today it was an email. The title 5+5 […]