Insurance Resolution with Transworld Systems – Ask Wolfgang

Transworld Systems will recover your past due patient account balances and slow paying insurance claims for an AVERAGE FLAT FEE OF $10 PER PATIENT or CLAIM AND ALL MONEY IS PAID TO THE PRACTICE! Would you like to reduce your average aging by at least 10 -30%? Ask Wolfgang


YOU ask yourself: – How can my clients pay me sooner? – How can I collect money systematically and automatically without huge efforts on my part? – How can I efficiently reduce my Accounts Receivable with a system? – How can I strengthen the Cash Flow position in my company? – How can I help […]

Business Goals in 2013

1. Try something new Change can be scary but it is necessary for growth. Think and act outside the box. Take a risk, try new techniques and leap at opportunities to grow your business and improve your company culture. This can include more benefits for your employees, shifts in business processes, exploring advertising or offering […]

Best in Class

Barron’s National Business and Financial Weekly “Transworld gets credit for the highest recovery rate in the industry.” FORBES “In addition to the superior collection rate and speed of recovery, Transworld’s low fees provide the client with a 30% ‐ 70% savings.” FORTUNE MAGAZINE “This company has a collection rate of well over 50%. The typical […]

Why it is important to stay on top of your financial information…

Financial information updates and regular check-ins are an absolute and sure way to keep your goals on track. This very simple process will allow you to constantly be aware of where you are financially, monitor your progress in reaching your goals and even help you to reach your goals sooner. So I highly recommend that […]

Let the System work for you!

  2 special programs will allow you to consistently and systematically remind your customers to pay their outstanding bill, making sure you get paid faster and increasing your cash flow by providing you the following: Provide your business the ability to make 5 client contacts beginning on day 31 from the date of service or […]