Let the System work for you!


2 special programs will allow you to consistently and systematically remind your customers to pay their outstanding bill, making sure you get paid faster and increasing your cash flow by providing you the following:

  • Provide your business the ability to make 5 client contacts beginning on day 31 from the date of service or invoice significantly reducing the number of accounts that become collection “situations”
  • Greatly reduce your billing department’s time and labor costs
  • Streamline your accounts receivable department
  • Instantly improve your business cash flow (Usually within 30 days or less)
  • Condition your customers & clients to pay you on time and as agreed
  • Collections on slow paying, delinquent accounts, bad checks, notes, liens and judgments
  • Assist you in rapid insurance claims resolution (If this is a part of your business income)
  • And mostly, do all of the above without alienating or losing your customers or patients
  • If you have any questions, ASK Wolfgang!
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