Wolfgang Kovacek is providing services in private equity, finances, and is a business consultant, business mentor, entrepreneur, financial facilitator, manager, former web communication executive, film producer and director.

Wolfgang finds great joy in assisting entrepreneurs who want to see their dreams fulfilled. He is active in the private equity and growth capital investment industry contributing to the economic health of local, national and global economies. Developing long-term value is key in the decision making process of a Private Equity Fund  that invests in and builds enduring companies through the alignment of interests between investors and management. Wolfgang provides financial, operational and strategic resources and direction for approved companies.

What is Wolfgang’s passion?

  • Expanding vision in nations and companies globally to bring wholesome strategies for the benefit of the community and its people.
  • Engaging the public, policy makers, the media, and other stakeholders to encourage responsible investments, access to capital, economic growth and job creation.
  • Eradication of systemic poverty, contributing to a greater spiritual awareness and increasing levels of well being that positively affects Health, Education, Work, Environment, Social inclusion and Parenting.


  1. Entertainment, Film, TV, Music, Fashion, Event Production,
  2. Green and Renewable Energy, Art, Real Estate, Infrastructure
  3. Medical Inventions, Technical Inventions, Media Inventions

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Between 2012 and 2014 Wolfgang was an Account Executive for Transworld Systems, a collection agency with the highest reputation providing Revenue Cycle Management Solutions. Transworld Systems has been in business since 1970, In the last decade they resolved over $6 Billion for over 200,000 clients.

As the COO of Source Alliance Group (SAG) between January 2013 and October 2014 Wolfgang used to be responsible to communicate with selected clients about Private Banking transactions. During his time as SAG’s COO Wolfgang also facilitated financing solutions for various entrepreneurial projects including film productions and assisted in the deal structuring and business packaging.

Wolfgang was also the founder and CEO of Unlimited Nextwork Group Inc., a communications company he founded in 1999 and directed until 2011. As Nextwork’s CEO he was involved as a consultant in Communication Projects, Marketing and Business Development as well as Web Development for cutting edge companies that introduce their products for the first time into the market place.

He is a web specialist, communication and business development advisor and served on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards in the market place as well as for Non-Profit organizations. Wolfgang managed Nextwork’s staff (up to 8 people on concurrent multiple projects), established business relationships through networking and developed strategic partnerships.

Nextwork’s clientèle encompassed UBS, one of the world largest financial institutions, First Financial Bancorp, Harvest International Ministries, Hero Appreciation Network, Big Sunday (the largest annual citywide community service event in America), Harvest Rock Church, Coco Eco Magazine, Hollywood Alive!, Films Creating Culture and many others.

Wolfgang is also known as the Executive Producer and Director of “Hollywood Transformation”, a 42 Minute documentary about what God’s plan is for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He was invited to South Africa to present the video at the International Prayer Council. The documentary “Hollywood Transformation” was nominated in 2004 for the ADAM award at the Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy.

Wolfgang Kovacek was awarded “Networker of the Year 2007 for Pasadena” by Worthwhile Referral Sources, Southern California’s largest business networking organization. He also got awards in 2012 as Networker of the month in Beverly Hills in September and in December “Networker of the Year 2012 for the West Valley”. He is also member of the prestigious business networking organization Westside Referral Network with Le Tip International.

Exploring a brand new invention from Romania, Wolfgang and the inventor won a Gold Medal in 2006 in Pittsburgh at America’s largest inventor’s trade show for the invention “MySupershelter”, a mobile protective shelter in case of earthquakes.

Wolfgang was best sales man of the year in 1998 at Ben Bridge Jewellers in Kahului, HI on the Island of Maui. He was the Executive Director and Founder of Discover Life Festival in 1995, a multi-cultural festival with 32 participating nations on the Donauinsel, an island in the centre of the river Danube in Vienna, Austria. He was responsible to bring for the first time after over 80 years an official delegation of 22 people from Hawaii to Vienna which was received by the Vice Mayor of Vienna.

For 11 years (1986 to 1997) Wolfgang was a leading influence at the Vienna Stock Exchange, where he worked as a specialist on the floor of the Vienna Stock Exchange heading up the 7 most heavily traded stocks of Austria for over 7 years. All national and international banks and brokers belonged to his customers. During these years Wolfgang was used to trade hundreds of $ millions on a daily basis through his account.

The job at the stock exchange required Wolfgang to be extremely detail oriented and to get familiar with all kinds of financial instruments, from bonds, stocks, T-Bills, simple stop loss orders, options, futures, hedge funds, gold and other commodities to foreign exchange trading and currency developments.

His parents owned a very successful antiquity business and fine oil paintings gallery in the centre of Vienna which gave Wolfgang the ideal training ground for a keen business sense and the necessary skills to “think artistically” when it comes to business opportunities.

Wolfgang holds an MBA Degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (1985) where he specialized in Advertising and Market Research.


  • Results-oriented Operations Professional with success in providing financial oversight, and managerial support to increase productivity, sales, and effectiveness.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and capable of resolving multiple and complex issues.
  • Ability to utilize keen awareness to drive organization to improvement.
  • Ability to encourage and motivate staff to peak performance.
  • Communicated and liaised with many types of organizations and management.
  • Key strengths include overseeing and managing multiple projects, networking, sales, consulting to provide better business practices, coordinating and implementation.
  • Detail oriented and the ability to thrive in a fast-pace work environment.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Entrepreneur & Finance
  • Contract Negotiations & Strategic Alliances
  • Team Building & Performance Improvement
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Public Relations and Media Affairs
  • Consultant & Web Development
  • Producer & Director
  • Creative Visionary