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Price Increase coming at Transworld Systems – Lock In Current Low Prices NOW – before the year ends…

TSI rgbTransworld hasn’t had a price increase in 5 years despite several increases in the US postal rates, not to mention an increase in various other operating expenses.

January 2014
January 2014 – So this January, our prices will be going up. I don’t yet have the new fee rates, but anyone who would like to purchase more accounts at 2013 rates is welcome to do so and lock in our current pricing for 24 more months.

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What in the heck is ICD-10 and what do I have to do about it?

About ICD-10

Unless you are in a profession where you are are reporting a medical diagnosis or an inpatient procedure, you will not be affected by ICD-10.

If you are a doctor and this information is for you, which means you are covered by HIPAA, please listen up and be informed:


On October 1, 2014, the ICD-9 code sets used to report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures will be replaced by ICD-10 code sets.

The transition to ICD-10 is required for everyone covered by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). Please note, the change to ICD-10 does not affect CPT coding for outpatient procedures and physician services.

If you have questions about ICD-10, Ask Wolfgang and I will assist you helping you to find the answer to your question.

I provide through Transworld Systems outstanding solutions, so, don’t worry, you will be ready with your practice before you NEED to be, for ICD-10.


Be on the look out in about 2 weeks for our “ICD-10 Guarantee Giveaway”. Please let me know your email, if you are interested to know more.

Transworld Systems Ex District Manager meets Wolfgang

At David Fagan’s Icon Business Development Seminar Wolfgang Kovacek, representing Transworld Systems, meets Layla Anderson, currently President of Platinum Dreams Real Estate & Finance in  Valencia, who was a former Transworld Systems District Manager. To contact Wolfgang for help with recovering debts click here.


New Usage Reports from Transworld Systems Even Convince Staunchest Doubters

Very recent Usage Reports from seven different key market segments show amazing results that Transworld Systems is celebrating.

No wonder, that this company is #1 in the Collections Industry with hardly any competition out there.

When comparing apples with apples everyone else falls short.

So take a look at these amazing reports which show how Transworld Systems services its clients day after day with unbelievable results.

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Transworld Systems Usage Report B2B 88.57% - Ask Wolfgang
Transworld Systems Usage Report B2B 88.57%

For any inquiries or questions how YOU can take advantage of  Transworld Systems in your company, please ASK Wolfgang and connect with him.