Wolfgang’s Interview with Melanie Benson Strick coming soon

Melanie Benson Strick, America’s Leading Business Optimizer interviewed me today. This short announcement is preparing you to look out for an upcoming post within the next 2 weeks. You will be able to see the complete interview as a YouTube video. http://www.successconnections.com/articles/

Bill ONCE and you are done…

Bill Once and you are done… Transworld Systems New Flyer Is billing your customers more than once, just to get them to pay, what they already owe you, exhausting? Transworld Systems Accelerator is a revolutionary service designed to get you paid quicker while reducing the time and money you spend chasing customers. A new updated […]

TOP 10 Industries that Transworld Systems is Successfully Collecting for…

The Top 10 industries where: 1.Transworld Systems gets the most recovered per account placed (unit yield) and 2.Industries in which we get the highest recovery rate and 3.Industries in which we’ have the most revenue. Combine these three factors into a unique POWER ranking and you have the top 10 industries for which we are […]

What in the heck is ICD-10 and what do I have to do about it?

About ICD-10 Unless you are in a profession where you are are reporting a medical diagnosis or an inpatient procedure, you will not be affected by ICD-10. If you are a doctor and this information is for you, which means you are covered by HIPAA, please listen up and be informed: On October 1, 2014, […]

New Usage Reports from Transworld Systems Even Convince Staunchest Doubters

Very recent Usage Reports from seven different key market segments show amazing results that Transworld Systems is celebrating. No wonder, that this company is #1 in the Collections Industry with hardly any competition out there. When comparing apples with apples everyone else falls short. So take a look at these amazing reports which show how […]

Pre-Summer Gift for AMA Members that are NEW to Transworld Systems.

Pre-Summer Gift for AMA Members that are NEW to Transworld Systems. New clients will receive 10 free accounts when they purchase a minimum of 10 accounts through June. Please ASK Wolfgang and contact me so that I can help you setting this up for you. —————— What is the AMA? The American Medical Association, founded […]

Your Gas Bill – The Opportunity to Be in Control

Dear friend, How would you like instead of “NOT HAVING a CHOICE regarding your Gas Bill” to ENJOY MORE OPTIONS PRICE CERTAINTY SAME RELIABLE SERVICE and have the CONTROL as a CUSTOMER. For small and medium sized businesses: Spend less than $2,000/month on the commodity portion of energy bill. I am an Independent Business Owner […]


YOU ask yourself: – How can my clients pay me sooner? – How can I collect money systematically and automatically without huge efforts on my part? – How can I efficiently reduce my Accounts Receivable with a system? – How can I strengthen the Cash Flow position in my company? – How can I help […]

Business Goals in 2013

1. Try something new Change can be scary but it is necessary for growth. Think and act outside the box. Take a risk, try new techniques and leap at opportunities to grow your business and improve your company culture. This can include more benefits for your employees, shifts in business processes, exploring advertising or offering […]