Quotes from Wolfgang

“Entertainment changes according to the level of intimacy that you have with God.” Wolfgang Kovacek, 2002 “Hollywood is going to change as the entertainment industry is going to experience God.” Wolfgang Kovacek, 2003 “Unsuccessful people rush, successful people take time.” Wolfgang Kovacek, 2004 “By Loving Yourself you are able to overcome the hardest obstacles in […]

Image, Mask and Truth

A Picture (an Image) is worth more than a Thousand Words… With this picture we are very clear that things are going to change now… The dog appears to be smart through the glasses, but it is like a mask it is wearing… How can I come closer to the truth? What is a lie, […]

Solutions Leading To WIN-WIN

Let us define first what is considered a “WIN-WIN”: Dictionary.com: advantageous to both sides British Dictionary: guaranteeing a favourable outcome for everyone involved When you are doing business, it is always good to create a WIN-WIN situation. Both parties will benefit from it and it is a favourable outcome for the contracting parties. When dealing […]

Looking Out For The Fruit

Mat 3:23 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.” So if you consider that we ourselves are like trees, who are recognized by our fruit – what does your fruit look like, what […]

Hollywood Transformation – 13 years in the making – Fruit showing up

Dear Hollywood aficionados, movie lovers and fans of healthy & good film entertainment. 13 years ago during the summer of 2001, several people in Los Angeles came together and planned to start praying for a change in Hollywood. Too many ultra violent movies, too much sex and too many horror flicks seemed to divulge a […]


Once in a while, I get into that pensive mood and I sigh and take a deep breath and relax and start reading. The medium on what or in which does not really matter, yesterday it was a magazine that I had picked up in a diner, today it was an email. The title 5+5 […]